Baskets and bunnies: Easter essentials at Skygate

Easter is just around the corner along with the family celebrations and trips away to enjoy the long weekend. Stay on top of the holiday chaos and say goodbye to Easter-themed FOMO with a shopping spree at your one-stop shop, Skygate. From Autumn tea towels to matching pyjamas, who said Christmas was the only holiday you could go all out on? Keep reading to plan your purchases ahead of time and leave the weekend free to fully enjoy the chocolates and chuckles.

1.    Indulge in chocolate goodness

It’s no shock that one of the most important parts of Easter is chocolate. Skygate is your very own Wonka Factory with all your sugar coma needs ready to be devoured. 

Head to Woolworths to pick up as many chocolate egg packets as your basket can hold, perfect for when you need plenty of little choccies to hide around the house for the kids’ extravagant egg hunts.

For those wanting more refined options, make your way to Lindt at DFO. Pick up the forever-favourite gold bunny or choose a selection of different gourmet chocolates to create a gift box for your loved ones to briefly cherish before they demolish it in one sitting (who can blame them?).

Not a chocolate person? Duck into Worldwide Lollies at DFO to stock up on all the sweets and treats that you can’t find at your standard Aussie supermarket to add a fresh twist to the classic Easter traditions. 

2.    Host with the most memorable table set up

Have you been eyeing off funky coasters? Searching for an excuse to buy some colourful cocktail glasses? Easter is here, and with that, an exceptional reason to revamp your dining décor.

Head to Pillow Talk for coloured-glass cocktail coupes, wine, and highball glasses to impress those sitting around your Easter table.

Need something to save your table from the condensation in the heat? Check out the intricately designed coasters at Early Settler to add a little touch of charm to any table setting year-round.

A new tea towel from Sheridan is calling your name for those inevitable spills and crumbly messes. Opt for something with a pop of colour to take the cheerful spirit of Easter along with you for the rest of the year.

3.    DIY to the max with baskets and decor

Need something to entertain the kids while they’re high on a sugar rush? 

Grab some sticker books and scented colouring-in markers from Smiggle at DFO and a few baskets, boxes, or even just card paper from Bargain Mania to create a DIY Easter card and basket activity. The kiddies will be occupied for ages before the egg hunt even begins – that’s what we call a pro-parenting holiday!

4.    Wash the sugar down with refreshing sips

If you’re hosting Easter with the family without some Easter-themed cocktails, you’re doing it wrong. Make a stop at Dan Murphy’s and pick up some Baileys Irish cream for a Baileys and Crème Egg cocktail, or perhaps try your hand at concocting a hot cross bun martini with vanilla vodka, calvados, and a touch of cinnamon syrup.

Don’t forget to grab some juice and soft drinks for the little ones along with some pre-mixed 0% alcohol spritzes for the non-drinkers.

5.    Celebrate in style with new Autumn outfits

If you’re heading away this Easter and are struggling to pack your bag with outfits for the unpredictable Autumn weather, this is your sign to buy a new cosy cardigan and trendy top from Witchery in DFO.

For the men wanting to jazz up their wardrobe for the upcoming family gatherings, duck into Industrie for new linen shirt styles, comfortable jumpers, and plenty of jeans and shorts options to have you set for the whole long weekend.

Does the idea of shopping with the family in multiple different stores sound more like a logistical nightmare than a fun day out? Check off the whole family’s clothing needs in one stop at TK Maxx and leave the rest of the day for choccy shopping (we all know that’s what the kids came along for).

6.    Cuddle up in a chocolate coma with themed pyjamas

Is it really Easter if you don’t end the weekend curled up in cosy pyjamas in front of a movie with the fam?

Take the holiday celebrations to the lounge room with Easter-themed matching pyjamas from Peter Alexander. Maybe even pick up a pair of bunny slippers to casually change into during the afternoon. 

Explore TK Maxx to find adorable Easter get-ups for the kids, and maybe even the pets too! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for bunny ears and egg baskets while you’re there, TK Maxx is always the unexpected haven for seasonal celebrations.

For those wanting make a day of their Easter shopping spree, find us on Facebook and Instagram for more recommendations for activities, where to eat, and our must-have products from our favourite stores.