A Bootleg Workshop with Beau Miles

Join the Wild Earth team for an evening with legendary Beau Miles. Learn all about storytelling, accidental activism and backyard adventuring (and likely things completely unrelated to anything planned...)

Beau will walk folks through a three-act play, aiming to focus on storytelling and filmmaking, what it means to be an accidental activist and how backyard adventures have changed his life. The workshop aims to be as conversational as possible with Q and A chunks spread throughout the 90-minute, in-store, event. Beau being Beau, who loves tangents, the evening will be bespoke, intimate (only 80 tickets) and lively.

Signed copies will be available of Beau's Backyard Adventurer book for you on the night too!

Click here to secure your $15 ticket, see you there! 

Ticket sales go towards Rainforest Rescue.