5 staggeringly easy ways to be more creative

Being creative isn’t about aspiring to be the next Tara Dennis… because no one is taking the title away from Australia’s DIY queen. It’s about looking at the things we do regularly in our everyday lives and trying to do them a little differently. Anything can be adapted from the food we prepare, to the way we get to work and how we organise our linen cupboard.

So, we’re putting the call out to challenge yourself. Try something fresh. Be more creative. To help you get there, we’ve put together 5 super easy ways to be more creative in your everyday life.

Tip 1 – Creative ways to update your wardrobe

Create the perfect outfit with your statement pieces by simply updating your accessories. Take your fav LBD to the next level with these animal print block heels from Wittner. Or bring your work attire and quintessential winter boots into the 21st century with this velvet pleated skirt from Witchery.

Wittner block heels and Witchery pleat skirt

Skygate DFO has soooo many fabulous wallet-friendly treasures that will instantly update any look.

Tip 2 – Creative storage ideas

Make your furniture and décor work harder with super stylish pieces that are also functional. This ingenious ottoman from Pillow Talk with removable lid could do the trick. It comes in a number of on-trend colour options including forest, blush and rust. Or this tassel basket in neutral tones from Oz Design Furniture could be the missing piece to your living room puzzle.

Pillow Talk ottoman and OzDesign basket

You can find Pillow Talk, Oz Design Furniture and more great retailers at Skygate’s very own homemaker centre, Skygate Home & Life.

Tip 3 – Creative kids’ meals

Most parents are guilty of the odd veggie disguise to entice the little ones to eat healthier. But how about making veggies the star of the dish?

Try these chicken parmesan nugget motorbikes and funny face frittatas. Finish off with a fresh and delicious watermelon pizza. These cute and clever creations will be hard for the kiddos to refuse.  

Funny Face Frittata

Chicken nugget motorbikes

Watermelon Pizza

Grab all your ingredients at Queensland’s only 24/7 Woolworths at Skygate Centre.

Tip 4 – Creative cocktails

It’s probably no surprise that mojitos, margaritas and pina coladas make the cut for most popular cocktails of all time. It’s also no revelation that cosmopolitans, made ridiculously popular by four best friends living in the Big Apple, top that list.

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. But why not enjoy a fav with a little twist. Our friends at Dan Murphy’s have put together a neat range of classic cocktails with a modern twist.

So, this weekend, instead of a cosmo, why not try a new cosmo (pictured below right). Or, instead of a mojito, try a maid in cuba (pictured below left). Your taste buds will thank you for giving these recipes a go.

Creative cocktails with a twist

Tip 5 – Creative things to do on the weekends

Catch-up with friends in a private play bay at Golf Central. Enjoy food, drinks and fun with zero golfing skill level required. The tech in these play bays is brought to you by the geniuses at Top Golf – every hit is tracked by cameras that replay on your bay’s TV. Plus there is no limit to the amount of golf balls you use. The only decision you need to make is how long to play. Talk to the team at Golf Central about getting a bay booked for the weekend.

Golf Central play bay

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