EKKA at home


Strawberries DIY EKKA

Avoid the crowds with these DIY EKKA tips

Avoid the flu and fighting the crowds by having a DIY EKKA inspired carnival at home. Here are our easy ways to have a little show fun at home!

Tip 1 Make your own strawberry sundaes

An EKKA fave, the strawberry sundae is no doubt delicious but with beautiful fresh strawberries in abundance at Woolworths, shop a few ingredients and make them at home. All you need is:

  • Essentials Ice Cream Cone Cups, 24 pack $1.65
  • Sara Lee Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream, 1 litre $4.50*
  • Woolworths Thickened Cream, 300mL $2.00
  • Fresh Strawberries, 250g $2.00^ 

Total = $10.15


Hull the strawberries and cut into pieces
Beat the cream until thick
Fill an ice cream cone with a large tablespoon of chopped strawberries
Using a spoon or ice cream scoop, scoop one ball of ice cream and place onto cone
Dollop a spoonful of cream on top of the ice cream
Garnish with more strawberries

Tip 2 Dish up your own Dagwood dogs

Buy them frozen in the freezer section of Woolworths or make these easy little corn dogs at home! Best of all you can re-dip in as much tomato sauce as your heart desires. Check out this easy recipe for homemade Dagwood dogs.

Tip 3 DIY show bags

They cost a pretty penny and are usually full of treats you can buy any day of the week, so why not have some fun with the kids and help them create their own? Start by purchasing a reusable bag or sturdy gift bag at Bargain Mania. Then it’s up to you what you put in it!

Bargain Mania has a huge range of trinkets perfect for a DIY show bag such as craft items, toys, stickers, stationery and books. Pop into Woolworths to add their favourite chocolate bar, lolly pop, sweets, chips or popcorn, and maybe even top it off with a DVD or your child’s favourite mini magazine like K-Zone or Total Girl. It’s sure to provide the same amount of fun and entertainment at a fraction of the price of visiting the EKKA.

Tip 4 A family day out

A day at the EKKA with the whole family is sure to cost a small fortune, so why not plan a family day out at Golf Central. Golf Central’s mini golf course is open from 7am until late and has been designed with every level of player in mind. No minimum height to ride this course! Players of all ages will enjoy the vibrant layout as they navigate through a series of water holes, undulating greens and ricochets off the beautiful quartz granite rockwork. Each player will begin their journey around the mini golf course with a scorecard passport, and hole-by-hole, travel through the 18 destinations that most frequently visit Queensland each year. For prices and more details visit Golf Central

Head to Skygate and create your own fun for a fraction of the price of heading to the EKKA. Plus, did we mention Skygate offers free parking? It’s win-win really!

^ on special for a limited time
* save $4.50 for a limited time!