Treat yourself with some sweet chocolate at Skygate

Chocolate is that sweet thing that perks you up when nothing else does, it’s the familiar taste from your childhood that brings you back to your happy place no matter where or when, it’s the dose of dopamine and endorphins wrapped in cocoa that we all love and crave. Chocolate comes in many different forms and no matter what, you’ll always find one that hits the spot for you.

In order to celebrate chocolate in all its glorious forms, we’ve put together a list of all of our favourite places to go to here at Skygate.

1. Lindt

The name says it all, it needs no introduction for all chocolate lovers around the world. Located at DFO, the Lindt store offers a massive range of white, milk, dark and everything else in between. Open daily from 10am until 6pm, Lindt DFO has great promotions throughout the year, which means you could easily score your favourite treats for up to 40% off. As if we needed any more reasons to treat ourselves!

Lindt at DFO

2. Caffe Cherry Beans

Caffe Cherry Beans is located in the Skygate Dining precinct and will serve you the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had, made with real chocolate pieces (none of that powdered business) - and all of that served with a smile and great customer service. Caffe Cherry Beans is open every day between 7am and 3pm.

Caffe Cherry Beans at Skygate

3. Burrito Bar

Chocolate originated from Mexico, so it is only fair that Burrito Bar offers a healthy serve of sweetness in the dessert menu. To celebrate this delicious treat, Burrito Bar has come out with this incredible meal – Chocolate Nachos. That’s right, some delicious chocolate tortilla chips served with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and cocoa powder, topped with strawberries – all that available at Burrito Bar!

Chocolate Nachos at Burrito Bar

4. Donut King

With a great range of chocolate donuts and milk shakes, Donut King will be able to satisfy all your cravings in one spot. Donut King is located in the DFO Food Court and is open from 9am until 5pm every day.

Chocolate Donut at Donut King

5. Woolworths

If you still haven’t made up your mind by now, then head down to Woolworths, QLD’s only 24/7 supermarket, and browse the chocolate and confectionery aisle to grab your favourite, from ice cream to chocolate bars and Mars or Cadbury and Tim Tams, Woolworths has it all!

Woolworths at Skygate